Making Motive’s Safety Hub an integral part of your business's operations

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    Motive’s Safety platform has many features that help companies identify risk, providing the opportunity to keep your drivers safe and reduce the probability of future incidents/accidents.  But how should you use Motive’s safety features in your day-to-day business? 

    This guide breaks down Motive’s best practices for using our safety platform as part of your business operations.  Specifically, let’s look at what you should be doing daily, weekly, and monthly on the platform:



    Establishing Your Safety Goals & Policy

    When implementing Motive’s safety features for your business, you should initially establish a safety policy and goals for your company that are reviewed annually. Targeted factors within the organization should be considered when developing the goals and objectives. It should answer the question of "Why are we implementing this technology and what is our intended outcome"?
    Goal categories could include:

    • Performance Indicators
      • Incident Rates
      • CSA BASICS
      • ROI
    • Program Adoption Rate
    • Behavior Index
      • Improvement expectations

    Read about Safety policy considerations.


    Communicating Safety to Your Fleet

    An effective communications program should set clear goals, reach from top to bottom within the organization, convey intent, and is a two-way process. You must learn effective ways of communicating safety to your Fleet.


    Training & Education

    As part of your initial deployment of Motive’s safety features, a training plan should be created that addresses both your drivers’ and fleet managers’ needs. Refresher training may be required after a period of time, based on your safety coaching needs and product feature updates. Planning for refresher training is vital to ensure that your team retains the information and is kept up to date on product changes. Motive Help Center is continuously updated with the latest user guides and shows how-to videos that can be used for your training plan.


    Day-to-Day Operations

    Incorporating Motive's Safety Hub in your day-to-day operations helps you stay one step ahead of safety standards. You can understand the behavior of your drivers and train them better. In order to do so, learn the right way to use Safety Hub to maximize benefits.


    Coaching Drivers

    Motive’s coaching workspace, located in the Safety Hub on the Fleet Dashboard, automatically generates a list of coachable drivers based on their driving performance trends. This helps Fleet Managers better manage which drivers need attention without having to sift through individual events. We recommend coaching drivers who need coaching on a weekly basis. You can learn about:


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