How to create a daily vehicle inspection report while selecting a Vehicle

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To Driver App


    Drivers create inspections of their vehicles everyday through their Driver App. The inspection feature is more robust than ever, allowing you to include photos with each defect in the daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR).

    Create a daily Vehicle Inspection report

    1. Log in to the Driver App and click on Logs.



    2. Click on No Vehicle


    3. Select Vehicle ID



    4. Once you see the pop-up for Pre-Trip Inspection, Press Continue



    5. Fill in the General information.


    6. Click on Parts and choose if there’s Defect or No Defect. If there’s Defect, add the Defect Type as Major or Minor, add Notes, and the Photo of the defect.

    Note: You can choose multiple defects if needed.


    7. Click on Sign and add your signature. Click on Save.



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