What is Smart Load Board (SLB) Fleet View Loads?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    Fleet Managers/Admins have an opportunity to utilize Smart Load Board (SLB) to view loads available for the driver in the Driver’s Live tab and assign the loads on SLB in Motive Fleet Dashboard.

    How SLB Fleet View Helps You

    You can view the suggested loads for the driver in the Live tab and get multiple opportunities to earn money while the driver is on track. Fleet View can be utilized for assigning loads along with monitoring the drivers during the journey.

    SLB Fleet View Overview

    Suggested Loads in Driver’s Live tab

    When you visit the Live tab in the Driver’s section for a particular driver, you will see a section named “Suggested Loads”. Clicking “View more loads” in this section opens a new screen with all the suggested loads near the current location of the driver so you can bid for each load.



    View Nearby Loads

    If your driver is present in a location, you can select that location in the Map view and click on it to view all the nearby loads available for bidding.



    Driver’s Loads tab

    The Driver’s Loads tab contains improved information about the assigned loads and the information about the scheduled trips along with the map.



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