U.S Mandate for odometer mismatch

    Audience  Fleet admin, Fleet managers,
    Applies To IFTA, Odometer Mismatch



    • Odometer readings for American Mandate are not matching


    • The difference in odometer readings on the Fleet Dashboard and Vehicle Gateway provided.


    1. Check that the ELD is correctly linked to the engine's ECM. The vehicle distance information can be acquired from the engine's ECM as specified in provision 4.2 of this Standard:
    2. The ELD must monitor the engine's ECM’s odometer message broadcast and use it to record total vehicle distance information; and
    3. The ELD must use the odometer message to determine accumulated vehicle distance since the engine’s last power on the instance.
    Note: You can also refer to pages 7-8 of the document from FMCSA confirming that the ELD should always use the ECM reading rather than the dashboard.


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