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    Motive is a safety technology vendor offering VEDR for LH and P&D businesses operating under a contract with FedEx Ground (United States and Canada).

    Motive offers fleet safety technology and a video event data recorder (VEDR ) in the form of a Duel Facing Dashcam.


    How Motive Helps You

    Upon authorization by a Motive customer, Motive shares Key Indicator (KI) data with FedEx Ground on a monthly basis.

    In order for us to share this data, Motive needs the business’ FedEx Ground Contract ID and Entity ID. Please send us an email at to get this set up.

    New Key Indicator Reporting will be provided to FedEx Ground on Feb. 1, 2023, with full use in June 2023. You can view New Key Indicator Reporting in the Reports tab of the Motive Fleet Dashboard with the title FedEx Ki - Breakdowns.


    Key Indicators (KIs)

    There are 4 Key indicators:

    • Distracted Driving: Use of handheld electronic devices
    • Failure to wear a seatbelt: Any person in the vehicle
    • Speeding: 10mph (US) / 15 km/h (CAN) or more over the posted limit 
    • (P&D): Failure to Stop / Incomplete Stop (Linehaul), Following Distance ( < 3 seconds)


    Note: Motive will send a report to FedEx Ground only to show a single pass/fail metric for each KI for Motive customers. The KIs reset going into the next month.


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