AI Omnicam is not powering up

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    Applies To AI Omnicam


    Symptoms: AI Omnicam is not powering up 

    • My AI Omnicam is not recording
    • I can’t see any LED light on the AI Omnicam 
    • I’m unable to record on my AI Omnicam



    • AI Omnicam’s software is not responding 
    • AI Omnicam is not getting 12 V or 24 V power supply 



    1. Perform the pinhole reset on your AI Omnicam. 
    2. If the camera does not start recording after the pinhole reset, check the power supply and ensure the cables are providing 12V or 24V of power. 
    Note: If the powered-off LED light still does not transition into a solid white LED light, contact Motive Support. Ensure sharing your camera’s serial number or your vehicle ID with the Motive representative. 


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