What is Vehicle & spend location mismatch fraud detection?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Motive Card



    A suspicious transaction is flagged as 'Vehicle & spend location mismatch' when the vehicle's location does not match the transaction's location. A 'Vehicle & spend location mismatch' transaction displays the spend location, vehicle location, and additional details about the transaction, such as the time and date of purchase, etc.


    How Vehicle & spend location mismatch Helps You

    The Vehicle & spend location mismatch feature helps you detect suspicious transactions and reduce unauthorized spending. It also offers the following benefits:

    • Identifies fraudulent activity on a lost Motive Card
    • Identifies Drivers who may be using the Motive Card for personal vehicles


    Vehicle & spend location mismatch Overview


    Review Transaction Details

    The Action Center box in the Cards section enables the Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers to:


    • Identify the type of suspicious transaction by hovering over the red icon. 


    Vehicle & spend location mismatch02.png

    • Mark a flagged transaction as reviewed after verifying the Driver and transaction details.  

    image (2).png

    • Freeze the Motive Card if the Driver and transaction details don’t match.  


    • Remove flag from a flagged transaction if you find it a legitimate purchase



    Set alerts for Vehicle & spend location mismatch

    The Alerts section on Fleet Dashboard allows Fleet Managers to: 

    • Set alerts for Vehicle & spend location mismatch on Motive Card transactions by choosing vehicles and recipients. You can set up this alert by choosing the Alert Type as Fuel Purchase irregularity under Motive Cards section.


    • Flag the alert as Important to ensure Fleets immediately get notified. 



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