What is Vehicle & spend location mismatch fraud detection?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Motive Card



    A suspicious transaction is flagged as 'Vehicle & spend location mismatch' when the vehicle's location does not match the transaction's location. A 'Vehicle & spend location mismatch' transaction displays the spend location, vehicle location, and additional details about the transaction, such as the time and date of purchase, etc.


    How Vehicle & Spend Location Mismatch Helps You

    The Vehicle & spend location mismatch feature helps you detect suspicious transactions and reduce unauthorized spending. It also offers the following benefits:

    • Identifies fraudulent activity on a lost Motive Card
    • Identifies Drivers who may be using the Motive Card for personal vehicles


    Vehicle & Spend Location Mismatch Overview


    Review Transaction Details

    The Action Center box in the Cards section enables the Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers to:


    • Identify the type of suspicious transaction by hovering over the red icon. 


    • Identify the type of suspicious transaction by hovering over the red icon.

    Vehicle & spend location mismatch02.png

    • Mark a flagged transaction as reviewed after verifying the Driver and transaction details.  

    image (2).png

    • Freeze the Motive Card if the Driver and transaction details don’t match.  


    • Remove flag from a flagged transaction if you find it a legitimate purchase



    Set alerts for a flagged transaction

    The Alerts section on Fleet Dashboard allows Fleet Managers to: 

    • Set alerts for flagged Motive Card transactions by choosing vehicles and recipients. 


    • Flag the alert as Important to ensure Fleets immediately get notified. 



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