Unable to see AI Omnicam videos

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Safety


    Symptoms: Unable to see AI Omnicam videos 



    In Progress 

    The AI Omnicam videos are in progress and you can view them soon once they are ready. 

    Note: Ensure keeping your engine on to provide a stable power source to your AI Omnicam. 



    Request Failed 

    The video request has failed and you can try requesting again. 



    Video Not Available 

    This state can occur due to the following two reasons:

    • The camera was powered off at the recording time. 
    • The camera has overwritten a new video and the old video is not available.  




    • AI Omnicam is not responding 
    • AI Omnicam is not powered on for the past 7 days
    • AI Omnicam has connectivity issues while communicating with the Motive server 



    1. Try requesting again
    2. Reset your AI Omnicam. 
    Note: If you’re still facing the Request Failed error after the pinhole reset, contact Motive Support.


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