How to view Reefer Telematics Data?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    Motive customers can view the reefer telematics data using our Motive Reefer Monitoring platform. If there is a trip on a particular day, there will be an option for you to view the location history of that asset as well as the reefer telematics data history. Here is how you can view reefer telematics data in Fleet Dashboard.


    Steps: Viewing Reefer Telematics Data

    1. Login to Fleet Dashboard and select Assets.


    2. Select a reefer-enabled asset from the list.


    3. Select the History tab and click on the data layer in the lower right-hand corner.

    4. Select Temperature. The data populates the graph and show you the history data on that specific day.



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