How to exclude vehicles in IFTA calculations


    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To IFTA reports



    In this article we will learn how to exclude vehicles from IFTA calculations so that it reflects the miles automatically in IFTA reporting i.e. IFTA distance summary, IFTA trip reports

    Steps: Exclude vehicles in IFTA calculations

    1. Click on the admin button on the bottom left hand side of the admin dashboard1.png

    2. Click on vehicles on the left hand side


    3. Click on options on the right side under action and select edit vehicle33.png

    4. Under vehicle gateway uncheck the Include in IFTA calculations5.1

    5. Click save and the vehicle will be excluded for IFTA calculation in IFTA reports by default5

    Note: The mileage can be seen for all vehicles which are not included for IFTA calculation by selecting it from the vehicle filter in the IFTA report. This setting does not imply that IFTA will not be calculated for the selected vehicle.

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