What is Vehicle ID Reporting for the Motive Card?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To Motive Card



    The Vehicle ID Reporting feature enables Fleets to assign a Vehicle ID for each Motive Card transaction. 


    How Vehicle ID Reporting Helps You

    • It helps Fleets to better track vehicle expenses including fuel and maintenance costs. 
    • It helps Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins to easily calculate the total cost of ownership of vehicles in their Fleet.


    Vehicle ID Reporting Overview

    • Once the Vehicle ID reporting is enabled on the Fleet Dashboard, cardholders are required to select a vehicle from the Card Hub in the Motive Driver App before swiping the card for a transaction.
    • If the Driver is connected to the Vehicle Gateway through the Driver App, then selecting a vehicle in the Driver App is not required because it is auto-detected and auto-assigned to the transaction. 
    Note: Once this feature is enabled on Fleet Dashboard, if the Driver does not select a vehicle from the Motive Driver App and is also not connected to the Vehicle Gateway before a transaction, the transaction would get declined immediately. 


    Note: This feature is only enabled for Drivers having Driver App version 63.0 or higher. Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins can send a reminder to Drivers in their Fleet to update the Driver App.


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