How to perform Vehicle Gateway (VG LBB-3.6) troubshooting

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    Applies to  Vehicle Gateway (VG LBB-3.6)



    Use these below-mentioned for VG LBB 3.6 troubleshooting:  


    Steps: VG LBB 3.6 troubleshooting

    1. Leave the current vehicle on the app and then log out to ensure the app is updated.

    vehicle gateway troubleshooting leave vehicle.png

    2. (In case of Bluetooth connectivity, concern) Unplug your Vehicle Gateway from both ends, wait for 5 minutes, and reconnect the VG.

    3. On the back of the ELD, press the PINHOLE button on the USB port present at the back of the ELD. Press for 10 to 20 seconds using a small pin (For example paper clip).

    4. Stop pressing it when you see a blue light on the Vehicle Gateway, then wait 30 seconds to a minute.

    5. Wait until you see a green solid and a red flashing light on the Vehicle Gateway.

    6. Then connect with the vehicle gateway from the Driver App. 


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