What does throttling mean?

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers 
    Applies To Wi-Fi Hotspot 



    In the context of our Wi-Fi hotspot service, Throttling is a change we've implemented to manage data usage more effectively. Instead of completely shutting off the Wi-Fi hotspot when users exceed their data limit, we now slow down their internet connection speed. This means that if a device reaches its data usage limit, it can still access the internet at a reduced and controlled speed.

    Throttling ensures that devices can continue using data for essential business purposes while preventing data abuse or excessive consumption. This way, drivers who rely on our Wi-Fi hotspot can keep using it even after reaching their data cap, but at a pace that ensures responsible and appropriate usage.

    To check if a device is being throttled, you can go to the vehicle profile, and if the status of the vehicle is labeled as Throttled, it means their data limit has been reached, and their Wi-Fi speed has been slowed down accordingly.


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