How to utilize the Motive Checkout Link Process?

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    Motive Insurance Partnership Programs require a signed Order Form from the insured customer. Upon Motive receiving the signed Order Form, your Account Executive (Sales Rep) will process the order and generate a checkout link. To complete the check-out process, follow the steps below:

    Checkout Link Process
    What to do if your link is no longer valid


    Steps: Checkout Link Process

    Click on the Checkout URL provided by Motive to your email.


    Note: If you have not received the checkout URL, check your spam inbox. If you cannot find the checkout link please contact your Motive Account Executive (Sales Rep).


    1. Once you access the Checkout URL, your Order Details page will be displayed.

    2. Review your Order Details to make sure they are correct, if any changes need to be made please contact or call 855-434-3564.

    3. If your Order Details are correct, click on the Next button in the bottom right corner to proceed to the next step.

    checkout one.png

    4. Select the Cable(s) needed for your Motive Hardware by choosing one of the options provided.

    checkout two.png

    • Help me find the right cable for my vehicle: Provide your vehicle information for the Motive system to calculate which cable is needed for installation.

    checkout three.png

    • Show me the most popular cables: Select a cable for each Vehicle Gateway you ordered that matches the vehicle model in which you will be installing the hardware.

    checkout four.png

    5. Now fill in your Shipping information.


    Note: Motive is not able to ship to PO Boxes.


    checkout five.png

    6. Upon completing the steps above, Finally, review your order and select the Place Order button in the bottom right.

    checkout six.png

    7. You have successfully completed the Motive Checkout Process. Check your email for an order confirmation and tracking details will be provided when available.

    checkout seven.png


    What to do if your Order Link is no longer valid

    Motive Checkout Links are valid for 30 Days. If the customer does not complete the checkout link during the 30-day timeframe the order will be canceled and an error message will appear when trying to access the link. Contact your Motive Account Executive (Sales Rep) to generate the order again and provide a new Checkout Link to complete the process.

    checkout eight.png


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