Why is my Motive Card Frozen Automatically?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To Motive Cards



    If a Driver profile is deactivated, It will automatically freeze the Card.

    This feature automatically freezes the Motive Card For account security. If the driver still possesses the card & attempts to use the card will Decline any purchases. 


    What to do for Motive card Replacement? 

    If a driver leaves the company or if new drivers join in, Fleet Admin can contact Motive Card support at (855) 434-3564 and press “3” for Cards Support or Write an email to cardreplacement@gomotive.com.

    Please include the following information in the request for Replacement or Additional Cards:

    • Fleet admin Full Name and registered email.
    • Quantity of Cards & Reason (add/replace)
    • Shipping address for business on file.

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