Getting Started with Motive Asset Gateway

    Welcome to Motive! We are happy to have you on board. At Motive, we have multiple resources available to help you get started with our products and make the most of your investment. Please click the links listed below to open and read our onboarding documentation to set up the Asset Gateway.

    Step 1: Sign Up for a Motive Fleet Admin account

    Note: You can skip this step if you already have a Fleet Manager account at your company’s Motive Fleet Dashboard.

    1. From the website, click on the Login button at the top right. Click Sign Up

    sign up (1).JPG

    2. Enter the required information in the fields.
    3. Click on the checkbox given for Terms and Conditions.
    4. Click on the Captcha checkbox.
    5. Click on the Next button.


    6. Enter your company DOT # to automatically upload relevant information.
    7. If your company is already registered with Motive, a Request to Join button appears in the search results next to the company. Click the button to send a request to the Fleet Admin of the company.


    8. If your company is not yet registered or does not have a DOT #, enter the company details manually. When finished, click Go to Dashboard.



    Step 2: Download the Motive Fleet App

    1. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device or Apple Store on your iOS device.


    2. Type Motive Fleet in the search bar displayed on the top of the store screen.


    3. Tap on the app and select Install in case you're using an Android device. Tap on Get in case you're using an iOS device.


    4. Once the App is downloaded, open it and you will be welcomed to the login screen.

    Note: if you're downloading during our rebranding phase it will you of our changes.



    5. Enter your Fleet Account Email and Password and tap Login.



    Step 4: Log in to Motive Fleet Dashboard

    1. Open and click on Login.


    2. Enter your Email or Username and Password.
    3. Click on Log In.


    4. Click on the icon with your username initials in the left-hand side menu.

    5. Click on Logout. 



    Step 5: Select and assign an Asset to the Asset Gateway

    1. Log in to your Fleet Admin Dashboard and click the Admin icon.

    Admin new.png

    2. Click the Organization dropdown menu and select Assets from the list.

    3. Click the + Add Asset button in the top-right corner.

    add asset.png

    4. The Add Vehicle page displays. Under the General section, add the Asset ID and VIN number. Also, add the required asset details such as Asset type and Make and Model.


    5. After filling in the necessary details, click + Assign Asset Gateway under the Data Source section.


    6. Select the intended Asset Gateway serial number from the Assign Asset Gateway pop-up menu.

    7. Click Assign once selected.

    4 5.png

    8. Click Save.



    Step 6: Install the Asset Gateway

    1. Installing Asset Gateway Manually

    1. Installation Requirements

    Check the following things if you plan to utilize solar power:

    • Asset Gateway's solar panel has a clear line of sight to the sun.
    • When selecting a location for installation, make sure the placement should not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle and cause damage to the Asset Gateway.
    • Peel the sticker on the solar panel and check if the LED on the Asset Gateway unit lights up green.


    Note: It’s important that the LED turn up green to start the Asset Gateway Installation process. If there is no sign of LED activity, read No LED activity during installation of Asset Gateway.


    What comes in the box?

    • Asset Gateway
    • Mount Plate
    • Four M3 Screws
    • Power cable 

    2. Mount Plat Installation

    Note: Place the mount plate for the Asset Gateway on the outer walls of the trailer to avoid GPS problems. Placing the Asset Gateway on the inner walls can be a hindrance to good GPS signals causing issues in tracking.
    • Use the M3 Screws to attach the Asset Gateway to the mount.



    3. Installing Asset Gateway to Dry Vans

    • Attach the Asset Gateway to the Mount Plate using the four M3 screws provided.
    • Install the Mount Plate with the attached Asset Gateway near the top of the front bulkhead (the side closest to the tractor) using the four self-tapping screws (with washers).
    • Make sure the solar panel has an unobstructed view of the sky.


    3. Installing Asset Gateway to Reefers

    It is necessary to connect the Asset Gateway via the power cable to the refrigerated trailer unit. Once the unit is cable powered, it could be installed on top of the refrigeration unit.

    Note: Learn more about how to connect the Asset Gateway using the power cable by clicking here.


    4. Installing Asset Gateway to Flatbeds

    • Attach the Asset Gateway to the Mount Plate using the four M3 screws provided.
    • Install the Mount Plate with the attached Asset Gateway near the top of the front bulkhead (the side closest to the tractor) using the four self-tapping screws (with washers).
    • Make sure the solar panel has an unobstructed view of the sky.


    5. Installing Asset Gateway to Tankers

    • Identify a mounting spot on the top of the tanker along the walkway or roll bar that is away from any loading or unloading areas.
    • Install the Asset Gateway using the four self-tapping screws (with washers).
    • You may use the Mount Plate to position the Asset Gateway so it has an unobstructed view of the sky.



    6. Additional Notes

    Below are three incorrect installations:

    • Solar-powered unit installed without a solar mount.
    • Solar peel sticker was not removed.
    • The unit was installed on a curved surface and not a flat surface.

    2. Installing Asset Gateway through Fleet App

    1. Tap the Devices option at the bottom of the Fleet App Home screen.


    2. Search for the Asset Gateway you’re adding, or select it from the list.

    install VG via Fleet App 2.png

    3. Once an Asset Gateway is selected to install, tap on Install Asset Gateway.

    Install Asset Gateway via Fleet App  2.png

    You can choose to Assign to existing asset or Assign to a new asset.

    Install vehicle gateway via fleet app .png

    4. When you select Assign to a new asset, you must give your Asset and ID.
    5. Tap Next.

    install vehicle gateway 4 5 .png

    6. On the Create Asset screen, enter the details and tap Create Asset.

    create vehicle gateway 6.png

    A prompt appears on the screen showing the successful creation of an Asset.
    7. Tap on Next.

    VG via fleet app 7.png

    8. To Assign the Asset Gateway, tap Assign.

    VG via fleet app 8.png

    9. Choose the installation methods for Solar installation or Cable installation.

    VG via fleet app 9.png

    Once you choose the desired installation method, follow all the steps and tap Next until you reach the final screen.

    10. Once you complete all the steps, tap Finish.

    VG via fleet app 10.png


    Step 7: View Asset details Live on Fleet View

    1. Log into Motive Fleet Dashboard, click Fleet View on the left side menu and click on the Assets tab.


    2. Under the Assets tab, a list of assets displays along with multiple filters such as Search by ID and All Types.


    You can also see the battery status in the AG Battery column for each asset shown.


    3. Select an asset from the list to open the Asset page and track it on the displayed map. Other details related to the selected Asset Gateway display alongside.


    4. You can open and edit the Asset settings by clicking the Edit option.


    5. Make the required changes and click Save.


    6. If there is no gateway assigned to the selected asset, No Gateway Assigned displays on the screen.


    7. You can also check the Battery Charge Status of the Asset Gateway by clicking the asset.



    Step 8: Troubleshooting Steps

    1. Asset Gateway Low Battery issue


    The Asset Gateway unit continues to have a battery lower than 10% for a long period of time.


    • Incorrect Asset Gateway installation
    • Battery might not be charged properly


    1. Incorrect Asset Gateway installation

    Ensure the unit has been installed correctly either for solar or cable installations

    • Asset Gateway Cable Installation- For units connected and powered via cable, ensure the power is supplied via cable.
    • Asset Gateway Installation when charging via Solar- For units charged via solar, ensure the solar panel is receiving good sunlight and the unit is installed using the solar mount.


    Install the cable for the following scenarios:

    • For installing locations that do not receive good sunlight for example: underneath the trailer.
      Reefer installations.

    Battery might not be charged properly

    The battery on the Asset Gateway might not be charged if it is stored and unused for a number of months. For such units, please review the support article here prior to installation.

    If you continue to have issues, please reach out to our support team.


    2. Why is Asset gateway's LED Light Red

    Motive Asset Gateway has a single LED next to the solar panel. A red light can mean:

    • The Asset Gateway is unable to transmit data due to poor cellular (4G LTE-M) signal.
    • The device will re-transmit data when a good cell signal is available.

    3. Why is Asset Gateway's LED Light Green

    The Motive Asset Gateway features a single LED light located next to the solar panel. A green light indicates any of the following:

    • The Asset Gateway is powered on the first time after peeling off the solar sticker or connecting to Cable 4020.
    • The Asset Gateway is transmitting data over the cellular connection.
    • The Asset Gateway just came out of the stationed/parked mode through wake-up due to motion or vibration of the trailer, reefer, or construction equipment unit that is installed on it.

    4. No LED activity during the Asset Gateway Installation

    1. When you power up the Asset Gateway for the first time and peel off the solar sticker cover, the LED lights up solid green. Find out the LED behavior here.
    2. If the LED does not light up green, try shaking the Asset Gateway unit for a few seconds and check if the light turns up green. If it does not, the built-in battery on the unit has no charge left.
    3. In this scenario, the battery may take a few days to charge via solar. Instead, we recommend using the Asset Gateway cable as shown below, and a power supply (12V, 1A min) to recharge the unit quickly.



    Note: The cable is not shipped with every unit. Please reach out to the Motive Support team to request the cable. Please do not use any third-party cables for charging.


    Connect the Asset Gateway unit to the power supply using the above cable and charge the unit for a couple of hours. Shake the unit for a few seconds to confirm if the LED lights up green.

    Here are a few examples of Amazon's power supply options (12V, 2A). If you continue to have issues, please contact us.


    5. Why is Asset Gateway's LED turned off

    Motive Asset Gateway has a single LED next to the solar panel. If the LED light is turned off, it means:

    • The Asset Gateway is in continuous motion or stationary.


    Congratulations! You're all set up to use Asset Gateway. For more information, click the links in the Related Content section or navigate to the Help Center.

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