Getting Started with Motive Asset Gateway

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    Welcome to Motive! We are happy to have you on board. At Motive, we have multiple resources available to help you get started with our products and make the most of your investment. Please click the links listed below to open and read our onboarding documentation to set up the Asset Gateway.


    Step 1: Sign Up for a Motive Fleet Admin account 

    For a successful Asset Gateway installation, you’re required to set up your Fleet Admin account at your company’s Motive Fleet Dashboard. Follow the steps mentioned in the article below to sign up as a Fleet Admin.

    Note: You can skip this step if you already have a Fleet Manager account at your company’s Motive Fleet Dashboard.


    In case you want to understand the difference between a Motive Fleet Admin and a Fleet Manager, please read the article linked below. 


    Step 2: Download the Motive Fleet App

    Now, you’re required to download the Motive Fleet App and log in using your Fleet Admin credentials. Follow the steps mentioned in the article listed below.

    Note: If you don’t have access to the Motive Fleet App, skip to step 4


    Step 3: Install Asset Gateway with in-app instructions 

    Once logged in, you can install the Asset Gateway by following the steps that the app displays in the Devices tab. Here are the complete instructions: 


    Step 4: Log in to the Motive Fleet Dashboard 

    Use the Fleet Admin credentials and log in to the Motive Fleet Dashboard. Follow the steps mentioned in the article listed below: 


    Step 5: Select and assign an Asset to the Asset Gateway

    The Fleet Dashboard enables you to either select a new Asset for your vehicle or edit an existing Asset. Once selected, you can assign this Asset to your Asset Gateway. Here are the instructions: 


    Step 6: Install the Asset Gateway

    The Asset Gateway is now ready to be installed. Click the link below to open the installation guide and successfully install your Asset Gateway. 


    Step 7: View Asset details live on Fleet View

    Once installed, you can now view your Asset’s details live on the Fleet Dashboard’s Fleet View. Here are the instructions: 


    Troubleshooting Asset Gateway 

    If you face any trouble using the Asset Gateway, follow the troubleshooting guide listed below: 


    Asset Gateway setups

    The Motive Asset Gateway offers 4 different setups to choose from. For further guidance, follow the articles according to your preferred setup. 


    Solar Powered 


    Cable Powered 


    Thermo King Reefers


    Construction Equipment


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