How to check previous cycle's Wi-Fi Usage?


    Audience: Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies to: Fleet Dashboard


    Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers can check the details of Wi-Fi usage through the Wi-Fi Usage Summary Report. The Wi-Fi is allotted from the 19th of one month to the 18th of next month (e.g. 4/19/23-5/18/23). Motive also allows Fleet users to check the consumption of data/Wi-Fi in the previous cycles.


    Steps: To check data/Wi-Fi consumption in the previous cycles

    1. Log in to the Fleet Admin Dashboard

    2. Click on Reports (left-hand side menu)

    3. On the top-right search bar, search for Wi-Fi usage summary

    4. Click on the Wi-Fi usage Summary report



    5. On the top-left side, click on the cycle button (e.g. 7/19/23-8/18/23)

    6. Select the desired cycle to view the usage report


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