What is Driver Walkthrough?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To  Driver App, Fleet Dashboard 



    Motive offers Driver Walkthrough to simplify daily task completion for drivers while streamlining back-office operations. Below is a detailed description of the feature and how it helps the fleets:


    How Driver Walkthrough Helps You

    Driver Walkthrough is a flexible yet simple workflow that fleets can customize to create repeatable, step-by-step processes for their drivers at the beginning or end of the shift. It takes away the guesswork from drivers and reduces the number of calls from the back office.

    It consolidates all daily tasks for drivers into a single workflow with an easy-to-use interface to access and complete their daily tasks, e.g., signing logs, reviewing safety events, etc.


    How Driver Walkthrough helps the back-office teams: 

    • Spend less time on admin tasks (checking reports, making check calls, making corrections)
    • Customized Walkthrough can help gain operational efficiency, maximize productivity, and ensure the safety of field workers

    How Driver Walkthrough helps drivers:

    • Knowing what you need to do each day
    • Spending less time worrying about process and paperwork
    • It makes onboarding onto a new app easy

    Driver Walkthrough Overview




    A trigger defines when the Walkthrough is presented to a driver. Fleet Managers can set triggers to appear at:

    • Start of the day: Walkthrough gets triggered when the driver has a shift reset
    • End of the day: Walkthrough gets triggered when the driver has exhausted drive and shift hours

    what is driver walkhtrogh trigger.png


    A lock defines the specific activity that cannot be performed before completing the Walkthrough. Fleet Managers can set these locks for:

    • Connect to Vehicle: When a driver tries to connect to a vehicle
    • Leave Vehicle: When a driver tries to leave a vehicle from Driver App
    • Edit Current Day’s Log: When a driver tries to edit the current day’s log
    • Log Out: When a driver tries to log out of the app
    • Go On Duty: When a driver tries to change duty status to on-duty

    what is driver walkthrough logs .png


    Actions are the activities in the Walkthrough for the driver to complete when prompted at a trigger (Start/End of day). Some of the actions available in the driver Walkthrough include:

    • Review Log Edits
    • Sign Log
    • Review Safety EventsChange Duty Status (fleet managers can specify which duty status)
    • Vehicle Selection
    • Vehicle Inspection Report

    what is driver walkthrough_actions.png

    Note: Fleet Managers can specify multiple drivers as skippable or non-skippable actions to be completed in a single Walkthrough.


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