What is the new Billing Tab in Fleet Dashboard?

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Billing



    Motive has introduced a new Billing tab on the Fleet Dashboard that enables the Fleets to get Billing information directly from the Fleet Dashboard without contacting Motive Support.


    How Billing Tab Helps You

    The Billing tab enables the Fleets to download Invoices and track them. The Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers can update the payment methods if required and track the notifications related to payments.

    Note: Billing Tab summarizes your financial relationship with Motive Fleet Management not with Motive Fleet Cards.


    Billing Tab Overview

    The Billing tab is accessible to Fleet Admins on the Fleet Dashboard. You can access it by logging into your account and clicking on the Admin icon.

    Billing 0.png

    Select the Billing tab and get an overview of your financial relationship with Motive.


    If your account does not have a payment method attached to it, you can easily attach it.

    Billing 2.png

    If your attached credit/debit card is expiring, you receive a prompt.


    Billing 3.png

    If your attached credit/debit card expires, you have access to the platform until the next billing date.

    Billing 4.png

    If any bill is overdue you receive a prompt.

    Billing 5.png

    Any billing transaction made with Motive excluding Fleet Cards is visible in the Billing tab providing a detailed look into the payment history, next billing date, billing invoices, and payment method.


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