How to Add Shipping Documents From Fleet Admin Dashboard





    Fleet Admins

    Applies To

    Fleet admin dashboard > Logs



    Fleet Admin/ Manager can add shipping document details on the desired log using the Motive Fleet Dashboard. This can be done following a few simple steps.



    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard.

    co-driver log form.png


    2. Select Compliance.

    3. Click on Logs beside Overview.


    co-driver log form 1.png


    4. Select the desired log.

    co-driver log form 2.png


    5. Click on Edit in the top-right corner.


    co-driver log form 3.png


    6. Select Log Form.


    co-driver log form 4.png


    7. Scroll down and select "Shipping Documents" and enter the shipping document number.




    8. Click on Save.

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