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    The documents feature in the Motive Driver App allows users to create necessary documents and easily share them with others. Here is how you can create a document or share a document with others.


    Steps: Using Documents feature in the Driver App

    • Step 1: Creating a document in Driver App
    • Step 2: Sharing a document through Driver App

    Step 1: Creating a document in the Driver App

    1. Log into Driver App and tap the Hamburger icon.

    2. Select Documents.

    documents 001.png

    3. Tap on the + in the bottom right corner.

    documents feature 1.png

    4. Select the document type from the drop-down menu.

    documents feature 2.png

    5. Add the details and photo.

    documents feature 4.5.jpg

    documents feature 4.png

    6. Tap on Save to create the document. 

    documents feature 15.png

    7. You can view it from My Documents section.

    documents feature 5.5.png


    Note: Created document will automatically be shared with your dispatchers who are using the Motive Fleet Dashaboard.


    Step 2: Sharing a document via email

    1. Select a document to share from My Documents in the Driver App.

    2. Tap Send.

    documents feature 5.png

    3. Add the email address of the recipient.

    4. Tap Send.

    documents feature 7.png

    5. You will receive a notification that the document has been shared with the recipient.

    documents feature 8.png


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