How to remove Co-Drivers from Driver App

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    Motive enables the Drivers to add a maximum of 9 Co-Drivers in the Driver App for driving trips. After completing the driving events, Drivers can follow the following steps to remove Co-Drivers:


    Steps: Removing Co-Drivers from Driver App

    1. Once the driving event is completed after adding a Co-Driver. Log in to the Driver App again. 

    2. Tap the menu icon at the top left corner. 

    3. Scroll down and tap Settings

    img 1.png

    4. Tap Co-Drivers.

    img 2.png

    5. Tap the three dots beside the Co Driver’s name. 

    6. A dropdown menu displays. Tap Remove

    img 3.png

    7. The Remove Co-Driver pop-up displays. Tap Yes.

    img 4.png


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