What is a Hardwired Vehicle Gateway?

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    The Hardwired Vehicle Gateway mode is activated when you connect the Vehicle Gateway directly to a wired ignition power source using Cable 4020 or Cable 3044.


    How Hardwired Vehicle Gateway Helps You

    • Failsafe functionality: Vehicle Gateway offers basic tracking and safety capabilities when detached from the OBD-2 or J-1939 diagnostic port.
    • Extended vehicle coverage: It extends Vehicle Gateway functionality to vehicles without a diagnostic port due to age or vehicle type (construction or oil & gas).
    • Immobilizer compatibility: Vehicle Gateway operates even when the battery kill switch or engine immobilizer is active.


    Hardwired Vehicle Gateway Overview

    Hardwired Vehicle Gateway relies on hardware components and cables. Enabling this mode does not require software configuration.

    Note: Cable 3044 adapter and Cable 4020 can be used in Hardwire Vehicle Gateway mode with embedded firmware changes.


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    Hardwired Vehicle Gateway mode has been enabled through the introduction of two new cables designed to support Vehicle Gateway operations.

    • The cable 3044 Adapter enhances Vehicle Gateway operations with dual power connections.
    • Cable 4020 is specifically designed for vehicles without a standard diagnostic port connection. It is suitable for older vehicles or specialized equipment like pre-2000 vehicles, bulldozers, and golf carts.


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