How to disable Auxiliary (AUX) Inputs

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    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    The AUX Input includes the Auxiliary Engine, Power Take-Off (PTO), driver seatbelt, and other types of equipment. Enabling these inputs helps the fleet manage reporting and create alerts.

    When it is time to disable AUX Inputs we have to make sure that we select an equipment before disabling AUX.


    Steps: Disabling AUX inputs

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard. Click on the Admin icon in the bottom-left corner of the menu.



    2. Click on Vehicles in the left-hand side menu.

    3. Click on the Options dropdown menu for the vehicle you want to enable the AUX input.

    4. Click on Edit Vehicle from the dropdown menu.




    5. The way to disable the aux inputs is to first provide the correct Equipment type and save the changes

    Enable AUX Input 2.png


    again after saving, uncheck the AUX Input, and save the vehicle profile.


    Auxiliary (AUX) Inputs.png


    Note: The system will not disable the AUX if an equipment type is not selected.

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