Troubleshooting Guide for AI Dashcam Power and Connectivity Issues

    Common Issues

    1. AI Dashcam not powering up
    2. AI Dashcam showing disconnected or Frequent disconnects
    3. AI Dashcam not updating Firmware


    Common Steps for All Issues

    1. With the engine running, disconnect the dashcam from the Vehicle Gateway
    2. Turn the engine off and disconnect the Vehicle Gateway from the diagnostic port of the vehicle.
    3. Wait for 5 minutes ( While waiting inspect the dashcam cable and Vehicle gateway USB port for wear )
    4. Start the Engine of the vehicle
    5. If Available, try connecting the dashcam to a USB port on the truck, to see if the dashcam Light turns on at all.


    Did the reboot resolve the issue?

    1. Connect the charging cable of your cell phone or tablet to the USB port of the Vehicle Gateway and see if it's putting any charge on the cell phone or the tablet.
    2. Plug the dashcam into the Vehicle Gateway’s USB port.
    3. Reset the camera by pressing the pinhole reset button for 10+ seconds on the side of the AI Dashcam next to the logo to reset the device to the original factory settings.
    4. Kindly use the pin-hole on the vehicle gateway located next to the USB port  by depressing the pin-hole button for 15 seconds to reset the Vehicle gateway.


    Did resetting the AI Dashcam resolve the issue?

    Call Motive Support and or contact your Fleet Admin with the below details:

    1. Time when the issue was observed?
    2. Time of Troubleshooting?
    3. Cable number?


    Motive Support 

    Phone: +1 855-434-3564


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