Why does my Safety score shows up as N/A ?



    Applies To Safety Score, DRIVE Score, DRUVE V4



    For a new Driver : 

    You will see N/A as your score or no score assigned if you have not driven 100 miles yet. A driver should have at least 100 miles driven, in order for the system to start calculating his safety score. A score of 100 is initially assigned to every new driver.


    For An Existing Driver : 

    You might see N/A as your current score if, you have not driven 100 miles at least, in the most recent 4 weeks. If the weeks where you did drive fall off the 4-week window, and you have less than 100 miles driven in the last 4 weeks. The score will show up as N/A. Make sure, for your vehicle there are no unidentified trips. The safety score is assigned to drivers, only when the trips are assigned to them. 





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