Why did my Safety Score drop when I did not even drive last week?


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    1. The Safety Score is calculated by calculating the normalized event rate per 1,000 miles driven in the last 4 weeks.
    2. If you go a week without driving, the number of miles drops which means the event rate might increase.
    Event Rate = (count of events in last 4 weeks/miles driven in last 4 weeks) * 1,000


    For example 

    Chandler had 150 Hard braking events and drove 3k miles in the last 4 weeks.

    The calculated event rate = (150/3000) *1,000 = 50

    A week goes by and Chandler does not drive. 

    • He still has 150 Hard-braking events over the new 4-week period (the week that fell off had 0 hard-braking events).
    • Including the week Chandler did not drive, the new sum of miles driven over the new 4-week period drops down to 2,500 (the week that fell off had 500 miles driven).

    The new calculated event rate = (150/2,500)*1,000 = 60.

    As we can see, the event rate increased due to the miles driven decreasing. The higher the event rate is, the higher the impact on the score is. This can be a reason why the score is declined.

    Use the Safety Score Points Table Report in the Fleet Dashboard to understand how the event rate determines the impact of each behavior on the score. 

    Behavior impact = Total points available - Total points received


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