How to view the Disconnects Detail Report

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard 



    The Disconnects Detail Report provides a log of all instances where either primary or both primary and secondary power was disconnected for a Vehicle Gateway. This article details how Fleet Managers can view the report from the Fleet Dashboard.

    Steps: Viewing Disconnects Detail Report

    1. Log in to the Fleet dashboard and click Reports.
    2. Select Disconnects Detail report.


    3. You can choose to view the details report for Vehicle/ Group and apply the filter for the date you want to review the report for.

    4. Select the Power source as Primary or Primary & Secondary under the Power Source column.

    • Primary: Only the primary source of power was disconnected
    • Primary & Secondary: Both sources of power were disconnected.
    Note: Secondary power source is relevant for our hardwired backup power when you connect the Vehicle Gateway directly to a wired ignition power source using Cable 4020 or Cable 3044.



    5. Set the filter for Vehicle, Status, and Distance to view the detailed report.
    6. To download the report, click the three dots and select Export as PDF or Export as CSV.


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