Does a driver need to wait until the 9th day to restart the HOS cycle if they have completed their HOS before the 8th day?

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Administrators
    Applies To Driver App, Fleet Dashboard



    Yes, if you have completed your hours of service (HOS) before the 8th day and are following the 8-day, 70-hour passenger cycle rule, you will need to wait until the 9th day to restart your HOS cycle.

    • According to HOS regulations, if you've exhausted your 70-hour limit within an 8-day period, you must take a break until the start of the 9th day to reset your HOS cycle.
    • This means that you cannot restart your HOS cycle on the next day; you have to wait for the 9th day to begin a new cycle.
    Note: It's crucial to understand and comply with HOS regulations to ensure safe and legal operations.


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