Admin 2.0: Improved Navigation and Safety Event Customization


    Admins, Fleet Managers, Safety Managers

    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin
    Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Product > Safety



    The new Admin 2.0 experience makes it faster and more intuitive to navigate product settings, and more powerful to tailor your safety events to match your fleet's needs.


    What’s Changing to the Admin Side Navigation?  

    The Admin side navigation is re-organized into three main sections to make it quick and simple to find what you’re looking for: 

    1. Organization: this includes information about your fleet, like company info, drivers, fleet users, vehicles, groups, and more.  
    2. Product: a dedicated section to set up each Motive product, including establishing software and hardware settings, as well as templates.  
    3. Platform: a dedicated section to set up platform applications, like Driver App, Alerts, and Security & Data.  

    Admin 2 - 1.png


    Note: While users previously established settings in Company, this page moving forward will be dedicated to capturing only company information.  With the launch of Admin 2.0, settings will be newly organized into respective pages across Products and Platform.


    Customizing your Safety Behavior Detection program

    The new Admin experience also delivers a more advanced, customizable Safety Behavior Detection framework designed to give total control of the how & when your events & in-cab alerts are triggered.  


    What’s changing to the Safety & Unsafe Behavior Detection experience?

    The new Unsafe Behavior Detection section in Safety Admin has been completely redesigned and delivers a series of robust customization features to give complete control over how you define your Safety program.  This new experience is broken down into 3 key sections:

    1. Unsafe Behavior Detection - Enable, disable, and customize which unsafe behaviors you want to detect, how they are detected, and whether or not to trigger in-cab audio alerts & when.  Events & alerts can be customized in 2 ways:

       a) Basic Thresholds - select between 5 pre-defined threshold configuration options (Lowest-Highest) to generate events or alerts more or less frequently

    Admin 2 - 2.png

    2. Advanced Thresholds - if Basic Thresholds don’t meet your specific needs, select Show Advanced to expand your options and customize a specific threshold for event or alert detection

    Admin 2 - 3.png


    3. Unsafe Behavior Detection:  Beta - as new unsafe behaviors detected by AI are developed and available, Motive will provide access to enable these features in this section.  New AI behaviors will not offer customizable threshold options and will not be included in the Motive Safety score.

    Admin 2 - 4.png

    4.  Event Intelligence - customize which additional unsafe behaviors to include during our in-house video event safety review process, and whether or not to utilize Motive’s Severity prioritization framework. 

    Admin 2 - 5.png

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