AI Vision not available on safety events

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To AI Dashcam



    • AI vision is not available for close following events for the road-facing or dual-facing AI Dashcams.
    • The AI Vision Not Available tag displays on the video.




    Multiple reasons might cause the AI Vision to malfunction. They can be as follows:

    • Low light conditions.

    • The camera moved from the original initial location.
    • Camera obstruction/unclear view.

    • The camera is not installed/adjusted properly.


    1. Unplug the Dashcam from the Vehicle Gateway (make sure the vehicle's engine is running).
    2. Reconnect the Dashcam with the Vehicle Gateway and recall a test image to make sure it has an ideal view (there is no camera obstruction).
    Note: If the issue continues, you can contact Motive Support.


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