How to Check the Details for the Cards Transaction

    Audience Fleet Admins
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    Fleet Dashboard > Admins



    Fleet admins and Fleet managers can check the details of every single transaction on their admin dashboards. There are all the details of when the transaction happened, the location of the merchant, where the card got charged, for how much amount, and how much discount has been received on the purchase. There are also details related to the amount (Gallons) of fuel purchases and what is the price per gallon and total price.



    1. Login into the Admin Dashboard using admin account details.

    2. Select cards on the menu on the left side of the dashboard.

    3. On the upper side of the dashboard, there is an option of Transactions:

    4. Now tap on any transaction, you wish to see the details for (Example below).

    5. All the details related to the specific transaction will appear, including:
      • Purchase Date
      • Posted Date
      • Amount
      • Savings
      • Total
      • Category
      • Merchant
      • Cardholder
      • Vehicle
      • Card
      • Transaction ID

    6. Itemized Receipts would be over there as well:

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