My Drivers do not require ELD logs but we have Vehicle gateways and the dashcams. would the camera still work/record?



    Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers

    Applies To

    Smart Dashcam, AI Dashcam and Omnicams

    Motive's Vehicle gateways are more than just an ELD Device. It does not only allow drivers to maintain their daily logs but also serves as a Tracking device for your vehicles. 
    And that too is one of many other features that you get with motive Vehicle gateway. 

    Set your driver's Profile as an Exempt driver as they do not require logs. And get ready to enjoy all the other features. 

    • You will be able to track the live location of your vehicle.
    • you will receive safety events (Hard brake, hard corner, speeding, etc) information. 
    • you will be able to take live images and recall videos from the camera.
    • You will get a detailed report for any open fault codes for your vehicles.
    • It shows fuel levels and other telematics data on your fleet view screen

    and many more. 






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