How to Perform Pinhole/Hard Reset or Reboot on AI Dashcams (DC53 and DC54)


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    A pinhole/hard reset for your Dashcam may be necessary if the device lacks any illumination or is persistently stuck in a blinking white light. If you are facing challenges in connecting to the Dashcam or experiencing difficulties during installation, the following steps guide you through initiating a pinhole/hard reset.

    Steps: Performing pinhole/hard reset on AI Dashcams (DC53 and DC54)

    1. Locate the pinhole situated on the left-hand side of the Dashcam.
    2. Press the pinhole for 10-15 seconds using a paperclip or a similar tool.
    3. The white LED will blink once while the button remains pressed.
    4. Observe the LEDs blinking in white.
    5. Release the pinhole, and it should continue blinking. If it stops, repeat the previous step.
    6. The AI Dashcam will undergo a reset.
    7. The light will commence flashing white, indicating that the dashcam is updating its firmware.

    AI DC - FW Reset Button.jpg


    Note: If not done properly you may be required to perform multiple pinhole recovery reset attempts. Professionally, it is recommended to try multiple times if the dashcam does not respond in the first attempt.


    If the issue persists please reach out to Motive Safety support at 855-434-3564 or email at

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