How to Assign AI Identified Trips to Drivers and Add Notes


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    Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View > Trips



    AI-identified trips occur when a driver does not connect to the Vehicle Gateway. Fleets are required to annotate all log edits, including assigning or annotating trips. If your Fleet is required to maintain logs, make sure that each AI-identified trip has an annotation or assignment. In this article you will learn how to:
    • Add Notes to an AI Identified Trip
    • Assign an AI Identified trip

    Adding Notes and Assigning AI Identified Trips


    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard, and from the Fleet View section click on the Trips tab.


    2. Click on the Assignment filter, and select AI Identified.

    Image 5.PNG

    3. Click on the AI Identified trip you want to resolve



    Assign an AI Identified trip


    1. Click on the Assign button from the trip’s detail page.



    Add Notes to an AI Identified Trip


    1. Click on the Driver Name field to select the Driver from the dropdown list. To annotate the selected trip, click on the Note text field.


    Note: You can either select a note from a list of dropdown options or enter it in custom text.

    2. Select a Trip Type and add a Note.

    3. Click on the Assign button.




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