Safety events without videos



    Fleet Admins

    Applies To

    Fleet Admin Dashboard


    Videos are not uploaded/available on the generate safety events over the admin dashboard.


    For each event type, there is a limit to the number of videos that will be uploaded per vehicle per month. Caps are applied daily, to ensure that customers do not use up all of their caps within the first day of the month

    • 1 video per event/behavior, per vehicle, per day
    • 10-total videos per event/behavior, per vehicle, per month
    • Videos are not uploaded once the video cap has been surpassed, except for excessive exceptions where the event is considered 'High severity' or 'Collision'.

    Why Caps are good for our customers: 

    Reduce redundancy: Safety managers usually need 2-3 instances of a behavior to gauge whether the driver needs coaching.

    Less clutter: Decreased volume on the dashboard reduces clutter and allows managers to focus on the events that matter. 

    Perception: Surfacing lesser events on the dashboard creates a sense of importance and urgency.

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