Cable-3034 Physical layer

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To Vehicle Gateway



    The engineering team requires Physical layer pictures during the investigation of 3.6CA VG issues. For Vehicles that use Cable-3034, the instructions below can be followed on what physical layer pictures to share.


    Pictures required:


    1. Pictures of the Motive cable connector that goes into the Vehicle Gateway unit showing the pins

    2. Pictures of the Vehicle Gateway port with the cable unplugged

    3. Pictures of the J1939 connectors [ Both male and female ] showing how they are connected inside the vehicle

    4. Pictures of how the power connecter from the Motive cable is installed within the fuse box


    Example Pictures:


    original-0B29FB4B-F062-4897-BCFE-E9BC09985D33.jpegoriginal-22434104-853C-4E59-946E-6048ED6EC630.jpegoriginal-5AFB0A56-4C03-4F87-A3A1-7C9590C845FB.jpeg IMG_4230.jpgIMG_4231.jpg

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