What is Coaching Performance Report?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Reports



    The Coaching Performance report enables Fleets to analyze the performance of their Assigned Safety Coaches over time. It helps Fleets by providing data-driven insights to enhance coaching efficiency and elevate safety standards within the Fleet. 


    Coaching Performance Report Overview

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click Reports in the left-hand side menu. image1.png

    2. Click Safety in the Browse section.

    Screenshot (264).png

    3. Scroll to click the Coaching Performance Report

    4. You can filter the report by:

    • Time Period
    • Safety Coach
    • Groups

    The Coaching Performance Report shows the following fields: 

    Column Name


    Safety Coach

    Fleet User whose coaching performance is being analyzed

    Assigned Group

    Group Managed by the Fleet user

    Active Drivers Count

    Count of Drivers in the group who drove more than 0 mph for the selected time period.

    Safety Score

    Safety Score of that group Average of score of all the Drivers in the group).


    Count of crashes recorded for that group within the time period.

    Coachable Drivers Count of active Drivers in the group that:
    a.Created a coachable event within that time period
    b.Or were coached within that time period (Driver was coached but didn’t create a coachable event)

    % Coachable Drivers

    The count of Drivers this specific Fleet user coached for the specific group either through a coaching session (marked a behavior as coached for the Driver) or events flow (marked an event as coached) during the time period

    % Drivers coached

    (Coached Drivers by this user/total coachable Drivers for the group)*100

    Coachable Occurrences per X miles

    Count of coachable behavioral occurrences for the group during the time period per 1,000 miles driven.

    Avg rate of coachable occurrences per Driver

    Coachable occurrences/active Drivers

    Average coaching SLA

    Average time from a Driver being identified as coachable to when they actually got coached

    Drivers Coached

    A list of names of the Drivers coached within the group during the time period

    Unidentified Drivers Crashes



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