2024-Feb-01 Announcement: Motive Data Bridge

    Release Date

    February 1st, 2024



    Customers with large datasets in Motive require a solution for performing large-scale data analysis. Motive Data Bridge enables these customers to perform data analytics and visualizations on their Motive data. It facilitates this process through third-party business intelligence platforms like Power BI, Tableau, SSRS, etc.

    This lets customers run custom queries for quick reporting and facilitates comprehensive insights and informed decision-making.

    Note: Motive Data Bridge is a paid offering. For pricing details and access, please contact Motive support.


    Motive Data Bridge Overview

    • Motive Data Bridge allows direct extraction of raw data from various Motive tables to provide a flexible and comprehensive solution.
    • Motive Data Bridge gives customers the ability to access various SQL tables for vehicles, assets, and driver safety events. 
    • Motive provides a data dictionary for the offered tables, templates for common BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, or SSRS), and ongoing query support for using these tables.



    How to access Motive Data Bridge?

    Motive Data Bridge is available through the Snowflake interface. It enables the customers to query, analyze, and export/extract data.


    What is included in Motive Data Bridge?

    Motive Data Bridge includes:

    • Snowflake data pipeline access
    • Snowflake compute (for non-Snowflake customers)
    • Data partitioning
    • Ongoing query support and continuous feature advancements


    What if the data set is not sufficient?

    If the initial data set is insufficient, collaborate with the Professional Services (PS) implementation team to request additional tables that align with your business needs. 


    Who to contact for query support?

    For query support, reach out to mdbqueries@gomotive.com.


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