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    Motive Data Bridge is designed for Motive customers who require efficient data analytics. It seamlessly links your Motive data through Snowflake interface, overcoming API limits. It connects with tools like Power BI, SSRS, Tableau, etc. Initial access includes key tables for vehicles, assets, and safety events, offering a scalable solution for informed decisions.

    Note: Motive Data Bridge is a paid offering. For pricing details and access, please contact your CSM.


    How Motive Data Bridge Helps You

    • Customized Reporting: Motive Data Bridge provides access to raw SQL tables covering vehicles, assets, Driver safety events, etc. Also, users can execute personalized queries, ensuring prompt and customized reporting. 
    • Comprehensive Support: Motive Data Bridge facilitates data extraction and ensures users have the necessary tools and support. This includes a provided data dictionary for the offered tables, templates for common BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, or SSRS), and ongoing querying support for using the tables effectively.
    • Optimized User Experience: Motive Data Bridge prioritizes a user-centric design to ensure a seamless experience for businesses to maximize their data pipelines. It focuses on ease of navigation and logical flow to enhance the efficiency of autonomous reports and dashboard creation.


    Motive Data Bridge Overview

    Accessing Motive Data Bridge

    Motive Data Bridge access is provided via the Snowflake interface. It allows the customers to query, analyze, and export/extract data.

    Key components

    Motive Data Bridge includes the following:

    • Snowflake data pipeline access
    • Snowflake compute (available for non-Snowflake customers)
    • Data partitioning
    • Ongoing query support and continuous feature advancements

    Data expansion

    In cases where the initial data set is not enough, collaborate with the Professional Services (PS) implementation team. They can help request additional tables tailored to your business needs, collaborating with product and engineering teams for adjustments.

    Note: Motive carefully assesses the requests, and these are incorporated into the upcoming releases.

    Query support contact

    For any query support needs, contact mdbqueries@gomotive.com


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