Can Motive Employees Edit Logs on our Behalf

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Driver App, Fleet Dashboard



    Motive Employees are often reached out by Fleet Admins and Drivers requesting edits on logs from the Driver App, Fleet Admin Dashboard, or their end. This article addresses the concern regarding their incapacity to make log changes and in some cases reversions from their end.


    • Due to compliance concerns, it is not possible for Motive Employees to make any changes to logs from their whether it be through the Driver App or the Fleet Admin Dashboard.
    • Motive Representatives will however be more than happy to guide any concerned customer with step-by-step guidance on how to Edit Logs properly.

    For Fleet Admin:

    • Fleet Admins can make changes to a Driver's Logs through the Fleet Admin Dashboard by following the instructions mentioned in our article attached below:
      How to Edit Your Driver's Logs
    • Another common query Fleet Admins have trouble getting addressed is ignoring or reverting Accidentally Recorded Driving Time. If the Driving Event was recorded by the Vehicle Gateway while a Driver was connected to the Truck the Driving Event can not be reverted but it can be annotated and changed over to Personal Conveyance using our Ignore Drive Time feature
      Ignore Drive Time

    For Drivers:

    • Often Drivers reach out to us requesting log edits on their behalf, we can not edit logs from our end but Drivers can make changes to statuses such as On Duty, Off Duty, or Sleeper Berth directly through the Driver App including making changes to Past Duty Statuses
      How to Edit Logs and Past Duty Statuses
    • For instances where Driving Time was recorded Accidentally as On-Duty Driving when it should have been Off-Duty Personal Conveyance, the Driving Events can not be edited from the Driver's or Motive's End. The Driver however can reach out to their Fleet Admin/Dispatcher for the Ignore Drive Time feature and have it changed back to Personal Conveyance.

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