Understanding the Limitations of Custom Reports

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    In fleet management and data analysis, custom reports are really helpful. They help find specific information and make operations run smoother. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the inherent limitations of custom reports to ensure that customers have realistic expectations. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the constraints associated with custom reports in Motive:


    1. Exclusive Access: Custom reports are available only to customers with Enterprise (ENT) subscription. 
    2. Data Lag: Due to the nature of Snowflake data pipelines, custom report data can lag behind production or web dashboard data by up to 48 hours, impacting real-time decision-making.
    3. Data Availability: If requested information is not within the Motive database or environment, custom reports cannot be generated.
    4. ETA Exclusions: Custom reports cannot provide Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for planned dispatches.
    5. Real-Time Data: Custom reports do not offer real-time data, please look into alternative solutions such as extracting data using our Public APIs
    6. Web Dashboard Enhancements: Custom reports cannot introduce additional functionality to the web dashboard; Account teams should engage with the Product Team for requests.
    7. Product Feedback: Reach out to the Product team for modifications to existing product reports.
    8. Assignment Details: Information on driver/coach assignments ("Assigned By" and "Last Assigned Date") is unavailable for inclusion in custom reports.
    9. Location Specifics: Custom reports provide start and end locations of trips but lack street-level location information.
    10. Historical Data Absence: Limited historical data availability precludes tracing past events or vehicle groups.
    11. Product Exclusions: Custom reporting for Cards product is not currently supported.
    12. Live Data Constraints: Constraints on live data access excludes features like live location links and live speeding metrics.
    13. Download Formats: Custom reports are limited to CSV and PDF formats, precluding other downloadable options.
    14. IFTA Reporting: Fuel tax calculations and driver-vehicle linkage in IFTA reports cannot be provided.
    15. Geolocation Limitations: Lat/Long coordinates cannot be translated into actual street addresses.
    16. Inactivity Threshold: Lack of recent vehicle activity (beyond 30 days) restricts access to location, drive time, engine hours, and driver details.
    17. Tableau Constraints: Custom reports exceeding the 50-column Tableau limit cannot be provided.
    18. Access Control: Custom reports lack group-level or row-level access controls, being accessible to all Fleet Admins/Managers.
    19. Filter Scope: Custom reports allow filtering by Driver ID, Date, Group, and Vehicle ID only.
    20. Visualization Limitations: Reports with visualizations cannot be downloaded in CSV format.


    Recognizing these limitations helps stakeholders use custom reports well while understanding their boundaries in the Motive system. Clearly communicating these constraints encourages smart decision-making and boosts collaboration between customers and Motive teams.

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