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    Audience  Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
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    The Motive Shop is Motive’s e-commerce platform that enables the Fleets to re-purchase Motive’s products using the Fleet Dashboard. 

    Note: Fleets can only purchase the products they have already bought from Motive. Also, the Motive Shop is only accessible to Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, and Fleet users having ‘Shop’ access. 


    What’s New?

    All Motive Products are listed with images and descriptions on the Motive Shop. This enables the Fleets to browse through Motive’s product range without any help from the support team. In case of any product issue, Fleets can contact Motive for a replacement. 


    How does this help our customers?

    Fleets are no longer required to contact Motive Support for repurchasing products. 


    Rollout Plan or Feature Go-Live date?

    This feature is available on the Fleet Dashboard for VSB (Fleet having 1-4 vehicles), SMB (Fleet having 5-24 vehicles), and CMRL (Fleet having 25-99 vehicles) Fleets that meet the Motive Shop conditions.
    Feature Launch Date: 1/22/2024  




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