How to enable Nectivio Integration


    Nectivio leverages Motive to gather real-time data on fuel consumption and distance traveled by fleet vehicles along with their utilization, enabling precise mobile combustion emissions measurement. Nectivio's next-generation greenhouse gas emissions management and reporting platform empowers businesses to measure, track, and reduce their corporate greenhouse gas emissions, making sustainability a competitive advantage.


    Integration Benefits

    • Nectivio utilizes Motive's data on fuel purchases, and vehicles along with their fuel purchases, location, and utilization for precise emissions measurement
    • Advanced greenhouse gas emissions management, attracting businesses focused on sustainability and compliance.
    • Provides customers with advanced tools for emissions tracking and management, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


    Motive Subscription:

    • Starter, Pro or Enterprise Subscription

    Integration steps on Motive: 

    • Locate the tile on the App Marketplace
    • The user will have to click the “Get this App button”.
    • Our API Support team will reach out for confirmation to the integration and assist.

    Integration steps on Nectivio: 

    This integration is activated from the Nectivio dashboard, please follow the steps below:

    1. Create a new data connection.
    2. Select Motive from the available integrations.
    3. Complete the OAuth authentication when prompted.
    4. Once the data connection is in place, connect mobile combustion emission sources in Nectivio to a vehicle in Motive.
    5. Do this by selecting the vehicle from the External Identifiers tab of the emission source configuration dialog.


    Support for Integration

    Nectivio Support Email:

    Motive Support Phone:

    +1 855-434-3564

    Motive Support Email:

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