What is Motive Fleet App?

    Audience  Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To  Fleet App 


    The Motive Fleet App is designed specifically for Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers to manage their business on the go. Motive Fleet Managers and Admins can use the Fleet App on their Android or iOS devices. 
    Note: The Motive Fleet App is only available for Android version 5.0+ and iOS version 11.0+. The  Motive Fleet App now supports vehicle, driver, and asset management.


    Fleet App Overview


    How to use Fleet View

    1. Log in to the Motive Fleet App. The Fleet View home screen is displayed, which enables you to see all your company vehicles on an interactive map.


    2. Tap on the search bar to search for a DriverVehicle, or Asset.


    3. Tap the Filter icon to customize your view further. You can use filters like Groups, Entity, Vehicle Status, Driver Duty Status and Maintenance Issues. 


    4. Select the desired filters and tap Apply to refresh your list.

    Note: If you wish to hide entities without location data, tap the checkbox and tap Apply to refresh your list. 


    5. Scroll down on the main screen to view a refreshed list of all your Drivers, Vehicles, and Assets. Here you can see information including:

    • Driver connected to a Vehicle Gateway 

    • Driver ID

    • Vehicle number

    • Vehicle make and model

    • Location of the vehicle

    • The current speed of the vehicle

    • Last activity time



    How to use Detail View

    1.The Vehicle icon lets you track your vehicle. Tap on it to see details such as Vehicle name, model, odometer, etc.

    Note: Contact the Driver of the Vehicle by tapping on Contact Driver. You can scroll down to view more information on the Vehicle card.


    2. Scroll down to get a detailed view of the Vehicle.


    3. The Driver icon lets you track your driver.  Tap on it to see the details about the Driver's HOS cycle, vehicle information, current duty status, and contact information.

    Note: Scroll down to view more information on the Driver's Card.


    4. The Asset icon that lets you track your asset. Tap on it to see details such as Speed, Battery Status, Make/Model, GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating), GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), Asset Length & Battery Status.

    Note: Scroll down to view more information on the Asset Card.



    How to use Map Controls

    1. The Vehicles, Drivers, and Assets are clustered together on the Map View. Zoom in to view the individual Vehicles.

    Note: You can zoom in or tap on a cluster to view the zoomed view of the map.


    2. You can also adjust the Map View on the home screen by choosing from the following options in Map Controls:

    • Default: Standard map view

    • Dark: Dark theme for map view

    • Satellite: Topographic view of the map

    • Traffic: Current traffic data displayed on the map



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