How to add Co-driver for Team driving in Driver App


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    Applies To Driver App (Version 44-66) 



    Motive's team feature allows multiple drivers (up to 9 co-drivers) to be logged into the Motive Driver App simultaneously using a shared handheld device. With this team driving functionality, drivers can seamlessly take turns driving without logging out/logging in again. Co-drivers can view their available Hours of Service, logs, vehicle inspections, and documents.


    Note: This feature is available on the latest driver application, version 65.0, on Android and iOS. Drivers with application versions between 44 and 60 must update their app accordingly to use this functionality. This feature is available to US companies with appropriate cycles.


    Steps: Adding co-driver for Team driving 

    1. The primary driver must log into the Motive Driver App and tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner.
    2. Now, tap on Settings in the menu. 


    3. Tap on Co-Drivers.


    Note: You still need to add the co-driver to your log form. For instructions on adding a co-driver on the log form, read Add a Co-Driver on Forms.

    4. Tap on the Add Co-Drivers button. 

    Note: You can add up to 9 co-drivers.


    5. Have your co-driver enter their Email/Username and Password.


    Once logged in, your co-driver is added successfully and displays on the Co-Drivers screen. 



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