KeepTruckin is now Motive - FAQs

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    Q: Why did you change your company name?

    A: When we started the company, we wanted to build technology that would improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of the businesses that keep our economy moving. We named our company KeepTruckin because it captured the essence of our mission and the people whom we wanted to serve. Along the way, we realized that we solve problems that apply not just to the trucking industry but to all businesses and organizations that operate in the physical economy — construction, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, public utilities, and many more. As our customer base in these industries has grown, the name KeepTruckin didn’t reflect the breadth of problems we solve and the customers we serve. Ultimately, as the company’s growth accelerates, we decided a name change is the best path for us and our customers. That’s why we are changing our name to Motive.


    Q: Is the name changing because KeepTruckin was acquired?

    A: No. Motive is experiencing rapid growth. We have over 120,000 customers, and our products are used in over 700,000 vehicles and assets and by over 1 million drivers. This decision is not the result of any mergers & acquisitions activity.


    Q: Are you worried about losing all the brand equity?

    A: The KeepTruckin products are used by 120,000 customers and over 1 million drivers. We know fleet managers and drivers have trust in the KeepTruckin brand, but most importantly they have trust in our products and the exceptional service we provide. That will not change. We believe that our customers will come to love the Motive brand just as much as they did the KeepTruckin brand.


    Q: Does it mean you will no longer focus on trucking?

    A: Absolutely not. Trucking is the heart and soul of our company, and we remain absolutely committed to our trucking customers and the people who use our products the most: Truck Drivers, Fleet Managers, and Safety Managers. Despite rapid growth in other industries, trucking represents the majority of our customer base.


    Q: What are the changes to the product?

    A: Our products will continue to work the exact same way, only with a change of name and new colors to reflect the Motive brand. You might find KeepTruckin branding in some places for a while because we didn’t want to stop innovating as we are changing our name. You can access your account via, the Motive Fleet App for Android and iOS, or the Motive Driver App for Android and iOS, using your current login and password. You won't need a new account.


    Q: What do my drivers need to do?

    A: Once drivers update their KeepTruckin Driver App, it will be updated to Motive Driver - KeepTruckin. They will still see the same KT icon but will see the new colors in the app and references to Motive. When drivers open the app, we will introduce them to the new brand and offer a link to a support article to learn more. The app icon will be updated at a later time and drivers will be notified about the change. There won’t be any changes to the features they know and love.
    Any new drivers will need to download the Motive Driver App as usual from Apple Store or Google Play store.


    Q: Do I need different log-on credentials?

    A: No, the driver login name and password remain the same and will work without any interruption.


    Q: What’s happening with my data?

    A: There is no change or disruption to your data as a result of this name change.


    Q: Do I need to renegotiate my contract?

    A: No. Motive is the same legal entity that was previously called KeepTruckin and all agreements with the name KeepTruckin will continue to be valid and binding obligations of Motive under Motive’s new corporate name, Motive Technologies, Inc. Additionally, all new agreements will have Motive’s new name.


    Q: We just got new devices that say KeepTruckin. Are they now obsolete?

    A: No. We decided it would be environmentally unconscionable to discard any already manufactured inventory, especially given the current shortages in the world supply chains. Therefore, we may be shipping certain models of devices bearing the KeepTruckin brand for a while. Once that inventory is depleted, the newly manufactured devices will bear the Motive brand. There is no technical difference between the same device models with either of the two brands.


    Q: Does the name change impact my KeepTruckin Card in any way?

    A: Our fleet card will now be called Motive Card, but that’s the only change. Your existing card will continue offering the usual discounts and you will be able to manage your spend within the Motive Fleet Dashboard.


    Q: Why did you pick the name Motive?

    A: Our new name Motive was inspired by our customers and our team.
    Motive is the reason behind our actions. Motive is the force that produces physical motion. Motive is about propulsion and causing movement.
    Our customers are in a constant state of motion. And we are motivated to make them safer, more productive, and more profitable. This is the motive behind what we do.


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