How to view Split Sleeper Berth Clocks on Driver App

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    This article addresses how Drivers can utilize the split sleeper toggle feature using US cycles in the Motive Driver application.



    Note: Drivers may see violations before both qualifying periods are completed. Drivers are required to complete both qualifying split sleeper pairings to avoid HOS violations. Once the second period has been completed, the Driver’s clocks will recalculate, and any previously generated violations will be removed accordingly.


    As a reminder, HoS violations displayed in the driver app are not actual violations and drivers are recommended always to use DOT Inspection mode during roadside inspections. The integrity of their records will be maintained and no violation flags will be presented to enforcement agents


    Steps: viewing Split Sleeper Berth Clocks on Driver App

    Ensure you have updated your Driver App to get the best experience.

    1. Log into the Driver App.
    2. On the Home screen, swipe up to view the HOS recap.
    3. Turn on the Show Split Clocks toggle. 

    Note: Drivers must spend at least 2 hours in off-duty or sleeper berth status to enable the Show Split SB Clocks toggle. 


    4. View your available hours, including the time from the first qualifying period. The driving lock screen also shows Split SB Clocks.
    5. Select Show Split SB Clocks or Show Default Clocks to toggle between the clocks in driving lock mode.


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