Power Plug Installation / Cable 3034 - Volvo/Mack 2018+

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    Applies To  Vehicle Gateway, Volvo/Mack 2018+


    Drivers can easily install Motive Vehicle Gateway in the Volvo/Mack 2018+ model with this guide. Follow the steps given below to make the installation process easier for you. 


    Installation Requirements: Volvo/Mack 2018+

    To install your Motive Vehicle Gateway in the Volvo/Mack 2018+ model make sure you are using the correct cable, as shown below, Cable 3034.




    • Screwdriver


    Steps: Installing Vehicle Gateway in Volvo/Mack 2018+


    Note: Ensure the vehicle is safe to install the Motive Vehicle Gateway:


    • The parking brake is engaged
    • The engine is off
    • The main power switch (if possible) is turned off

    1. Remove the access panel located on the top center of the dashboard on the right side of the steering wheel. Some vehicles may require a screwdriver.


    2. There are two identical J1939 connectors (DL1 and DL3) in the center console. Detach the terminating resistor from the DL1 J1939 bus connector. Do not discard the resistor.


    3. Attach the male end of the Motive cable to the female end of the truck’s J1939 bus connector (where the terminating resistor was previously attached). Then, attach a terminating resistor to the female end of the Motive cable to close the circuit.


    4. Locate the Power Connectors below the metal frame. Each Power Connector has White + Orange / Grey cable, along with a cable tag (F87-C B+ GND).


    Note: There are 4-6 Power Connectors tied together underneath the fuse box.



    5. If you are not able to locate/pull the connectors, remove the front Panel of the Dash.


    6. Plug the power connector from the Motive cable into an open battery connector in the panel. There are six identical connectors. Plug the Motive cable into one of the two connectors labeled F87.


    7. Take the 15-pin connector end of the Motive cable and place it on top of the dashboard. Reattach the access panel.

    • Depending on the vehicle, the panels may need to be modified in order to run the cable to the top of the dashboard. If the panels cannot be modified, the Vehicle Gateway can be mounted inside the panel. When mounted inside the panel, ensure the cable is not pinched, as this will damage the cable.

    8. Attach the 15-pin connector to the Vehicle Gateway and mount the Vehicle Gateway on any part of the dashboard where sunlight can reach it.

    • Secure the 15-pin connector to the Vehicle Gateway using the thumbscrews.
    • Use the provided alcohol swabs to clean the mounting area.
    • Remove the backing from the adhesive strip on the back of the Vehicle Gateway and attach it to the mounting area.
    • Attach the Vehicle Gateway on the dashboard with exposure to sunlight, but keep it away from any vents, electrical components, and metal components that may result in interference.


    9. Once plugged-in, the indicator lights will flash momentarily before turning solid red. After approximately one minute, the left-side indicator light will turn green indicating a successful GPS/GNSS connection.


    Note: GPS/GNSS performance may degrade if the Vehicle Gateway does not have a clear line of sight to the sky.



    Once the driver connects to the Vehicle Gateway using the Motive Driver App available on iOS and Android, the right-side indicator light will turn green indicating a successful Bluetooth connection.


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