Vehicle Gateway Not Recording Drive Time

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To Vehicle Gateway



    • Drive Time comes up as 0 for trips
    • Driver App does not put Driver into drive mode when the vehicle moves past 5 MPH
    • Location history missing



    • Cable Issue

      • Incorrect cable installation
    • Corrosion/Damaged Pins

      • On the vehicle's diagnostic port
      • On the cable connector
      • On the Vehicle Gateway port 
    • Vehicle Issue

      • Open fault codes
      • Data not being provided from the vehicle's ECM/ECU



    Confirm the Status of the LED lights on the Vehicle Gateway:

    • 1 red and 1 green LED light: Indicates driver app not connected. Check how to connect the mobile device to Vehicle Gateway (ELD) and follow the steps to solve the issue. 
    • 2 Green lights: Indicate driver app connected. If Logs still show no drive time, please follow the steps below for troubleshooting. 


    Troubleshooting steps

    Note: Ensure the cables are correctly installed & securely connected. Check and fix any fault codes that are open (related to your speed sensors). 


    1. Open your Driver App on your mobile device and ensure it says No Vehicle on the top right.
    2. Turn the engine off & take the keys out.
    3. Unplug the cable from the vehicle's diagnostic port & the Vehicle Gateway unit.
    4. Check the following ports for corrosion/damage/missing pins.
        • Both ends of the Motive cable connector
        • Vehicle diagnostic port pins and ensure that the pins are not pushed back
        • Vehicle Gateway device's connector port (NOT USB PORT)
    5. Take pictures of both ends of the Motive cable, the Vehicle Gateway device's port, and the diagnostic port/ fuse box (if the fuse box connector is in use)
    6. Once the lights on the unit turn off, leave it unplugged for 5 minutes.
    7. Plug the cable back into the unit and the diagnostic port/ fuse box, and turn on the engine. If the right LED starts blinking, the Vehicle Gateway is communicating with the ECM.
    8. Connect to the Vehicle Gateway and do a test drive to see if it records.


    Note: If it still doesn't work, please contact our 24/7 Support Helpline.


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